7.3 Discographie of Jazzviolinists

You have a record of an unknown jazz-violin player ? Please write me.

You are loocking for a record/player you couldn´t find here ? Try to find him with: "search" at the following adress:

www.allmusic.com (there you will get further information nearly about all of the following jazz-violin players and records beside the players: David Cross,  Sabby Lewis, Claude Laurance, Kresmir Debski,and some of the players with the adress:

www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm  (there you will get further information about known and unknown jazz-, and folk-violin players)

http://de.wikipedia.org/ (there you will get further information about known and unknown jazz-, and folk-violin players)


Jazzgeiger /Aufnahmen/Informatinen:


Aitchison,Andy: www.shoko.calarts.edu/~chung/releasearchive.html

Alleyne, ed Johnson: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Anastasio Paul:www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Anger Darol: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Armstrong Howard: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Asmussen, S.: (swing)Svend Asmussen 1937 - 44.  Danish Jazz, Vol. 6 (LP) Storyville (?)  rec. 1937 - 44

Asmussen, S.: A Historical Biography. 1937 - 51. Odeon /EMI (o.O./o.J.)

Asmussen, S.: Svend Asmussen Collection (CD). Sammlung : Dansk Nostalgi ,Vol 1- 13.
(1943  - 1949 ) erschienen bei:  Svan music , Naestved, (o.J.), Vol.13.: rec. 1949  ( o.O.)  

Asmussen, S.: Svend Asmussen & Ulrik Neuman :  Danish Imports. Warner Brothers 1960/1961

Asmussen, S.:  Oscar Aleman - Swing Guitar legen, 1938-1945 Rambler (1982 erschienen)

Asmussen, S.: "Spielt Welterfolge" 1960 Telefunken

Asmussen, S. & Stéphane Grappelli: With love from Svend Asmussen Stéphane Grappelli. Capri, Brüssel 1965

Asmussen, S./ Grappelli, S/ Ponty, J.L./ Smith, S.: Violin Summit. (LP) MPS   rec. 1966

Asmussen, S.: Hot Swing Fiddle Classics 1936 -43. Folklyrik 1979 (o.O.)  

Asmussen, S.: Duke Ellington´s Jazz Violin-Session

Asmussen, S.: The Svend Assmussen Sextet; 1966; RCA

Asmussen, S.: Jazz pa Stampen mit Red Mitchel 1969 Gazelle

Asmussen, S.: Toots and Svend 1972 Sonet

Asmussen, S.: Resource mit Ed Thipgen, 1973, Sonet

Asmussen, S.:  Spelar för er 1977 EMI

Asmussen, S.: Prize Winners, 1978, Matrix

Asmussen, S.: As times goes by (Lionel Hampton) 1978 Sonet

Asmussen, S.: String Swing, 1983, Sonet

Asmussen, S.: June Night 1983, RRT

Asmussen, S.: David Grisman Quintet, 1987, Zebra

Asmussen, S.: S. Asmussen at Slukafter (live), 1988, Phontastic

Asmussen, S.: Fiddler Supreme, 1989, Intim

Asmussen, S.: Fit as a Fiddle, released 1999, Da capo

Asmussen, S.: Still Fiddeling, 2002, Storyville

Baldych, Adam: www.adambaldych.com

Balakrishnhnan, David: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Bacsik, Elek: (swing/bebop) I love You, 1974, Bob Thiele Music

Bacsik, Elek: Bird and Dizzy, 1975, Flying Dutchman

Bäng, Billy: (freejazz) Distinction without a differnece, solo 1979, Hat Hut

Bäng, Billy: String Trio of  New York: First String, 1979, Black Saints

Bäng, Billy:  Rainbow Gladiator,1981 Soulnote

Bäng, Billy:  Invitation, 1982, Hat Music

Bäng, Billy:  Outline Nr. 12, 1982 Celluloid

Bäng, Billy:  The Fire  from within,1984, Soulnote

Bäng, Billy:  String Trio of  New York: Rebirth of a Feeling 1983, Black Saints

Bäng, Billy:  String Trio of  New York: Natural balance,1986, Black saints

Bardfeld,Sam:(Latin/Salsa)education book available at www.descarga.com

Beckmann, Hannes: (pop/swing):spinning wheel of jazz,2002,?

Bennet Martyn: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Bisharat Charlie: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Blake, John:  (modern jazz/jazzrock/funk)Tyner, Mc Coy: Horizon, 1979, Milestone

Blake, John: String Summit, One world in eight,1980 MPS, (Lokwood/Debski)

Blake, John: The young lions, 1982, Elektra

Blake, John: Newton, James: Septet, 1982, Gramavision

Blake, John: Maiden Dance, 1983, Gramavision

Blake, John: Tyner, Mc, Coy Dimensions,1983 Elektra

Blake, John:  Newton,James, : Luella, 1983, Gramavision

Blake, John: Twinling of an eye, 1985, Gramavision

Blake, John: Newton James: African Flower,1985, EMI

Blake, John: Rhythm & Blu, 1986, Grammavision, (Lockwood/Urbaniak)

Blake, John: Adventures of the heart, 1987, Gramavision

Blake, John: Bee, Cecil Mc: Flying out, 1977 India Navigation

Blake, E.Junior: Washingon, Grover: Live at the Bijou, 1977 Moton

Blake, E. Junior: Washington, Grover: Paradise, 1979, WEA

Blanchard, Pierre: (mainstream/folk) Music for string Quartet, Jazz Trio, Violin, 1986, Sunnyside, look at: www.pierreblanchard.com

Blanchard, Pierre: volutes,Jazz Trio, Violin,1999 Sunnyside

Blanchard, Pierre: Fayes Raphael:Gipsy Voyages,1989,?

Bonet, Deni: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Brantner,Nipso:(swing/fusion): new violin summit,1973,

Briggs Karen:www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Brock,Zach: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Brown, Clarence Gatemouth : The original Peacock recordings,1952-1956, TIS

Brown, Clarence Gatemouth : (blues/western/soul) Okie Dokie Stomp, 1971 WEA

Brown, Clarence Gatemouth :  Allright again, 1976, Rounder

Brown, Clarence Gatemouth :  One more mile, 1982, Pool

Brown, Clarence Gatemouth : Real Life, 1985, Pool

Brown, Clarence Gatemouth : Down South in the Bayou Country, Barclay 1973

Burnham, Charles: (rock/fusion) Ulmer, James Blood: Odysee, 1983, Columbia

Burnham ,Charles: Ulmer, James Blood: Part Time,1983, Celluloid

Burnham ,Charles: Live at the Caravan of dreams, 1986, Caravan of dreams Produktions

Burnham, Charlie: Wilson Cassandra, 1995, Blue Note/Capitol Records

Burnside, Catherine: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Cameron, Doug: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Carr, Richard: (swing) First Time Out, 1983, Shia

Carr, Richard: String Vibration, 1985, Progressiv Records

Carceres, Emilio: Hot Swing Fiddle Classics.  Folklyric, rec. 1937

Carter, Regina: (modern jazz) Look Straight Ahaed, Atlantic 1992

Carter, Regina: Body  & Soul , Atlantic, 1993

Carter, Regina: Regina Carter, Atlantic, 1995
Carter, Regina: String Trio of New York ,?, 1992

Carter, Regina: Rhythm of the Heart, verve, 1999

Carter, Regina: I´ll Be Seeing you, verve, 2006

Carceres, Emilio: Hot Swing Fiddle Classics.  Folklyric, rec. 1937

Chisholm, Duncan: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Christensen, Soren/Poul Olsen /Finn Ziegler/Svend Asmussen:  Eric Moselholm Presents Jazz Strings 1958. (LP) Sonet SXP 2011 , Dänemark

Clarke, Graham:www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Clarke, K.: Kenny Clarke and His Orchestra; Claude Laurence et son orchestra [incl. André Hodier] 1948 on Jazz Time 2512882 Be-bop in Paris, vol. 1

Clements, Vassar: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Clouse, Chat: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Compo,Peter: (swing) www.shoko.calarts.edu/~chung/releasearchive.html

Coolman, Ornette: (freejazz)At the Golden Circle, Stockholm, Vol.2, 1965

Cooper, Ian: www.shoko.calarts.edu/~chung/releasearchive.html  

Coolman, Ornette: An evening with Ornette Coleman, 1 und 2, 1965, Black Lions

Coolman, Ornette: Who is grazy, 1965-66, Affinity

Coolman, Ornette: Friends and Neighbours, live at Prince Street, 1970, RCA

Coolman, Ornette: Song X (Pat Matheny), 1985,

Cooke India: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Creach, Papa, John: Jefferson Airplane: Thirty seconds over winterland, 1973, Grunt

Creach, Papa, John: (blues/rock/fiddle) I´m the fiddle man, 1973, Buddha

Creach, Papa, John: Papa John Creach, 1979, Grunt

Creach, Papa, John: Playing my Fiddle for you, Grunt

Cross, David: (King Crimson): Larks´Tongues in aspic, 1973, Virgin

Cross, David: Rid, 1974, Virgin

Daemyon, Jerald: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Davis, Emery:www.www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Debski, Kreszmir: (modal) one world in eight, string summit,1980, MPS (Lockwood/Blake)

Debski, Kreszmir: Sring connection, 1985, Pool

De la Fe, Alfredo: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Dixi Dregs (rock/jazzrock) (look at: Sloan,Allen/Goodman, Jerry)

Doucet, Michael: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Ellington,Duke ( Asmussen, Grappelli,Nance): Duke Ellington´s  Jazz Violin Session (LP). Atlantic (rec. 1963 )

Feldman Mark: (modern Jazz) www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Fremermen Elena: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Frigo, Johnny: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Gauthier, Jeff: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Gibson, Steve: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Giger, Paul: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Giulio, Venier: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Glaser, Matt: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Gregor,Valentin: Smellodie, Anjoke 00412

Goodman, Jerry :(blues/rock/fusion)  The Flok, 1972, CBS

Goodman, Jerry: Papa John Creach , Grunt

Goodman, Jerry: Laughlin, John Mc: My goal´s beyond , 1971 CBS

Goodman, Jerry: Mahavishnu Orchestra: The inner mounting flame, 1971, CBS

Goodman, Jerry: Mahavishnu Orchestra: Laughlin, John Mc: Electric Guitarrist, CBS

Goodman, Jerry: Mahavishnu Orchestra:  Laughlin, John MC: Birds of Fire, 1972, CBS

Goodman, Jerry: Laughlin, John Mc: Mahavishnu Orchestra: Between Nothingness and Eternity , 1973, CBS

Goodman, Jerry: Like Children, Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer, 1974, WEA

Goodman, Jerry: Of the future of aviation, 1985, Private Music

Goodman, Jerry: Ariel, 1986, Private Music

Grappelli, Stephane: http://www.allmusic.com

Grappelli, Stéphane / Stuff Smith/ Oscar Peterson: Violins No End. Pablo 2310-907 (rec. 1957)

Grappelli, Stéphane / Pierre Cavalli/ Leo Petit /Daniel Humair: Feeling + Finesse = Jazz  (LP). Atlantik 1391 (rec. 1962)    

Greene Richard: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Gustorff, Michael: Gusting out , A Gust of Music, A Gust of Music 2, look at:  www.gustorff.com

Hakase, Taro: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Harper, Don:(swing) Combo, 1977, EMI

Harris, Don Sugarcane: (jazzrock) Fiddler on the Rock, MPS

Harris, Don Sugarcane: Zappa, Frank, Mothers of invention: Burnt Weeny Sandwich, 1969, Teldec

Harris, Don Sugarcane: Zappa, Frank: Hot Rats, 1969 WEA

Harris, Don Sugarcane: Got the Blues, 1991, Metronome

Harris, Don Sugarcane: New Violin Summit, (Ponty,Brantner, Urbaniak) 1971, MPS

Harris, Don Sugarcane: I´m in your case, BASF, 1974

Haydn, Lili: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Hoffman, Hajo:(modern jazz) modern string quartett plays Duke ,?, / "A Touch of jazz violins" (Widmoser, J.) 1996, BMG Ariola

Howes,Chris: www.shoko.calarts.edu/~chung/releasearchive.html

Hübner, Gregor: (classical/jazz) look at: allmusic.com

Hurly, Jim: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Ivers, Eileen: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Jenkins, Leroy: (free-jazz) Braxton , Anthony: Quartet, 1969, Affinity

Jenkins, Leroy: Creative Constuction Company, 1970, Vedette

Jenkins, Leroy:  Motian, Paul : Conception Vessel, 1972, ECM

Jenkins, Leroy:  Revolutionary Ensemble: Manhatten Cycles, 1972, Indian Navigation

Jenkins, Leroy: Revolutionary Ensemble: The Psyche, 1975, Re- Records

Jenkins, Leroy: Solo concert, 1977, Indian Navigation

Jenkins, Leroy: Lewis, George: George Lewis,1977, Black Saint

Jenkins, Leroy: The Legend of  Al Glatson, 1978, Black Saints

Jenkins, Leroy: Mixed Quintet, 1979, Black Saint

Jenkins, Leroy: Straight ahead, free at least, Duo with Abdul Waded, 1979, Red Records

Jenkins, Leroy: Abrahams, Muhal Richard : Mama and Daddy, 1980, Black Saint

Jenkins, Leroy: Sting, Urban Blues, 1984, (with Terry Jenoure, vl.), Black Saints

Jenkins, Leroy: Urban Blues, 1984, Black Saint

Jenkins, Leroy: Archie Shepp: Black Gipsy, 1982

Jenkins, Leroy: Archie Shepp: Pitchin Can, ?

Jobson, Eddie:www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Johnson, Alex: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Kang Eyvind: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Kennedy, Joe: (swing/ classic): Jazz Violins of the fourties, Folkways , released: 1981

Kennedy, Joe: Taylor, Billy: The Billy Taylor Quartet, featuring Joe

Kennedy,Joe: Where have you been, 1980, Concord

Kennedy, Nigel: (classic, fusion) Strad Jazz, 1984, Condos Records,

Kimura,Mari: www.shoko.calarts.edu/~chung/releasearchive.html

Kindler, Steve: (jazzrock) Hammer, Jan : Oh, Yeah, 1976, Nemperor

Kindler, Steve: Hammer, Jan : Melodies, 1977, Nemperor

Knight, Mark: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Kurtis, Elektra: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Lantos, Zoltan: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Laurence, Claude: Claude Laurence et son orchestra: Be-bop in Paris. CD Jazz Time 2512882, rec. 1948

Lewis, J.:  John Lewis  &  Svend Asmussen:  European Encounter Atlantik 1962

Lewis, Sabby: Sabby Lewis Boston Bounce (incl. Ray Perry) LP Phoenix Jazz LP 9 ,  rec. 1944

Lin, Caryn: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Limberg, Ekkehardt: (blues/cajun/jazz) look at: www.yannick-monot.de

Lookovsky, Harry: Miracle in Strings Epic LN 1124 (a,b)  New Chamber Jazz , rec.1954

Lookofsky, H.: Stringville. (LP) ,   Atlantic, New York   rec. 1959  SD 1319

Lockwood, Didier: ( swing/ fusion, jazzrock, modal, modern jazz, pop)

Lockwood, Didier:  Jeanau, Francis: Ephemere, 1977,OWL

Lockwood, Didier: Surya,  rec.: 1977, released 1987 Adda

Lockwood, Didier: Pierre Morlens Gong, 1979, MPS

Lockwood, Didier: New World, 1979, MPS

Lockwood, Didier: Vander, Maurice: Magma, 1980, RCA

Lockwood, Didier: Live at Montreux, 1980, RCA

Lockwood, Didier: Beck,Gordon: For Evans Sake/Tribute to Bill Evans, 1980, JMS

Lockwood, Didier : Konrad, Bernd: Traumtänzer, 1980, Hat Music

Lockwood, Didier: Van´t Hof: Eyeball, 1980, CMP

Lockwood, Didier: One world in eight (String Summit/Blake/Debski),1980, MPS

Lockwood, Didier: Romano, Aldo: Night Diary, 1980, OWL

Lockwood, Didier: Lockwoods, 1981, America

Lockwood, Didier: Fusion, 1981, JMS

Lockwood, Didier: Fasten seat Belts, 1981, MPS

Lockwood, Didier: The Kid, 1982, JMS

Lockwood, Didier: Catherine-Escoude-Lockwood, 1983, BS

Lockwood, Didier:  Grappelli, Anniversary concert,(Grappelli, Assmusen) 1983, WEA

Lockwood, Didier: Cut of the Blue, 1985, IMS

Lockwood, Didier: Life at the Olympia Hall, 1986, IMS

Lockwood, Didier: Rhythm & Blue: (Blake, Lockwood,Urbaniak), 1986, Grammavision

Lockwood, Didier: UZEB: Absolutely Live, 1986, IMS

Lockwood, Didier: Didier Lockwood Group and Quartet 1982-1986, released 1988, JMS

Lockwood, Didier: Alain CARON-Jean Marie ECAY- Didier LOCKWOOD, 1992, JMS

Lockwood, Didier: Round about silence, 1998, Dreyfus

Lockwood, Didier: Tribute to Stephane Grappelli, 2000, Dreyfus

MacIsaac, Ashley: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Manieri, Mat: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Marsh, Hugh: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Martinez, Hugo: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Maurer, Ali: (free jazz) ?

Meissner, Ingmar: (swing/jazz/western): String Attack: The journey, 2000, Banana records

Menuhin, Yehudi: (classic/swing): Tea for Two (Grappelli), 1978, EMI   

Menuhin, Yehudi: Strictly for the birds (Grappelli), 1980, EMI

Menuhin, Yehudi: For all seasons (Grappelli), 1984, EMI

Model,Edzard: look at: www.jazz-violin.de /projekte

Morris, Cathy: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Nance, Ray: (swing) The Dukeless Gang, 1944, Qeen Disc

Nance,Ray: „Moon Mist (LP)  gespielt von „ Duke Ellington With His All- Time Great Orchestra Of 1943 (keine Angabe des Ortes) u.a. auf : The Immortal Duke Ellington. Collektors Series  Bd.3; Jazz Greats, 627, rec. 1943

Nance, Ray: Strayhorn, Billy: I Grandi Del Jazz 23, 1958, CBS

Nance, Ray: Quartet and Sextet, Unique Jazz

Nance, Ray: Duke Ellingtons Jazz Violin Session (Nance,Asmussen, Grappelli) 1963, Atlantic

Nance, Ray: Konitz, Lee: The Lee Konitz Duets, rec. 1967, Milestone, released 1984

Nance, Ray:  Muffin ´n´Puffin, 1971, MPS

Nero, Paul: (classic/swing?) Jazz Violins of the fouties, rec.1949, Folkways , released 1981

Nero, Paul: Paul Nero and his Hi  Fiddlers.  (LP) Fresh Sound (ES) , 1956   FSR 727  

Newmark, Mary Lou: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Nolet, Jim: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Connor, Marc: (swinggrass/bluegrass/classic/fusion) for a Discography look at: www.lightbubble.com

Olsen, Poul (swing ) look at Christensen

Pauley, John: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Perlman, Itzhak: (classical) A different kind of Blues, EMI

Perlman, Itzhak: Its a breeze, 1981, EMI

Perry Ray: (Swing to Bop)Hampton, Lionel: Historical Recording Sessions, 1939-41, RCA

Perry,Ray: Sabby Lewis Boston Bounce  LP Phoenix Jazz LP 9 ,  rec. 1944

Perry, Ray: Hampton, Lional: Masters of Jazz, Vol. 8, 1940, RCA

Perry, Ray: Hampton, Lional: Steppin out, vol.1, 1942, MCA

Pifarely Dominique: (free jazz): Oblique, 1993, Ida records

Plattes, James: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Pointer, Noel: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Ponty, Jean Luc: Les grandes violinistes de jazz . Auch:  Jazz-Long Playing .Philips/ Phonogram,1964          

Ponty, J.L.: Eine ausführliche und aktuelle Dicographie von Ponty ist im Internet unter folgender Adresse zu erhalten: http:// www.ponty.com/discography2.html.  

  • Jazz Long Playing (1964)
  • Violin Summit (1966)
  • Sunday Walk (1967)
  • Cantaloupe Island (1967)
  • Electric Connection von Jean Luc Ponty,  World Pacific/ CEMA/ Capital   1969
  • Jean-Luc Ponty Experience (1969)
  • Upon the Wings of Music (1975)
  • Aurora (1976)
  • Giants mit Grappelli (1980)MPS
  • Imaginary Voyage (1976)
  • Enigmatic Ocean (1977)
  • Cosmic Messenger (1978)
  • A Taste for Passion (1979)
  • Civilized Evil (1980)
  • Mystical Adventures (1982)
  • Individual Choice (1983)
  • Open Mind (1984)
  • Fables (1985)
  • The Gift of Time (1987)
  • Storytelling (1989)
  • Tchokola (1991)
  • No Absolute Time (1993)
  • King Kong: Jean-Luc Ponty Plays the Music of Frank Zappa (1993)
  • The Rite of Strings (1995)
  • Le Voyage (1996)
  • Live at Chene Park (1997)
  • The Very Best of Jean-Luc Ponty (2000)
  • Life Enigma (2001)
  • The Best of Jean-Luc Ponty (2002)
  • Live at Semper Opera (2002)
  • In Concert (2003) (CD und DVD)
  • Live at Montreux (2005, mit Aldi Meola/Stanley Clarke) DVD

Mit Frank Zappa

  • Hot Rats (1969)
  • Over-Nite Sensation (1973)
  • Apostrophe (') (1974)
  • Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar (1981)

Price, Evan: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Ragsdale, David: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Rao, Enzo: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Reinhardt, Zipflo: (sinti swing/modern Jazz):

Reinhardt, Schnuckenack: (sinti swing) Musik Deutscher Zigeuner Vol.: 1-8, RBM, 1995

Reynoso, Juan: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Richards, Vicky: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Ritsu: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Robinson, Sonya: (jazzrock)   Sonya, 1987, CBS

Rose, David: (rock) Distance between dreams, 1977, Innercity

Rose, John: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Roth, Karl: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Royal, Willy: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm


Sabien, Randy: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Sanders, Rick:www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Schar, Ariane: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Schussler, John: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Seidenberg, Danny: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Seifert,Zbigniew: (jazzrock,modal)  Stanko Thomasz: Jazzmessage from Poland, IG Record

Seifert, Zbigniew:  Kriegel, Volker: Lift, 1973, MPS

Seifert, Zbigniew: Van´t Hof, Jasper: Eyeball, 1974, Keytone

Seifert, Zbigniew: Kühn, Joachim: Springfever, 1976, Atlantic

Seifert, Zbigniew: Solo Violin, 1976, MRC-EMI

Seifert, Zbigniew: Man of the light, 1976, MPS

Seifert, Zbigniew: Mariano, Charlie: Helen 12 Trees, 1976, MPS

Seifert, Zbigniew: Variouspheres, Capitol/EMI

Seifert, Zbigniew: Seifert Zbigniew, 1977, Kapitol

Seifert, Zbigniew:"Kilimanjaro 1/2 " (PSJ - 1978)

Seifert Zbigniew: Violin Oregon, 1978, Vanguard Record

Seifert Zbigniew: Passion, 1978, EMI

Seifert Zbigniew: Moore, Glen: Introducing Glen Moore, 1979, Elektra

Seifert Zbigniew: We´ll remember Zbiggy, 1974-78, Mood

Sick, Jeffry: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Silverman, Tracy: www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htm

Slate, Bradly. www.bowedelectricity.com/pname.htmSloan Allen: (jazzrock) Dreggs of the earth, 1980, Artista

Sloan Allen: Unsung Hereos, 1980/81, Artista

Shankar, Lakshinarayana: (indian music/fusion) Laughlin, John Mc:Electric Dreams, CBS

Shankar, Lakshinarayana: Laughlin, John Mc: Shakti, 1975, CBS

Shankar, Lakshinarayana: Shakti: A handful of beauty, 1976, CBS

Shankar, Lakshinarayana: Shakti: Natural Elements, 1977, CBS

Shankar, Lakshinarayana:  Touch me there, 1979, Phonogram

Shankar, Lakshinarayana: Who´s to know Indian classical Music, 1980, ECM

Shankar, Lakshinarayana: Vision, 1983, ECM,

Shankar, Lakshinarayana: Song for everyone, 1984, ECM

Smith, Stuff: (swing) you will get any Information about Stuff Smith by A. Barnett (Fable Bulletin) www.abar.netSmith, Stuff: Alphonso Trent Orchestra, 1928-1930, Ristic, Historical

Smith, Stuff: Hot Swing Fiddle Classics:1936, Folklyric

Smith, Stuff:  Teddy Wilson Orchestra, 1936, Jazzarchieves

Smith, Stuff: The swinging Small Bands, Vol. 1, 1937-39, MCA  

Smith, Stuff: Stuff Smith Onyx Club Boys Affinty; Aircheck, Stash  

Smith, Stuff:  Stuff Smith Orchestra: The Varsity Sessions, vol.2, 1938-1940, Storyville

Smith, Stuff:  Stuff Smith Trio, 1939-40, Circle/Ash/Savoy

Smith, Stuff:  Stuff Smith & Paul Baron Orchestra, 1944, Swing House

Smith, Stuff:  Lucky Thompson, Stuff Smith, Erroll Garner, 1944,  Swingtime

Smith, Stuff:  Stuff Smith Trio, 1945, Mosaic, Commodore

Smith, Stuff: All Star Band, incl. Duke Ellington, 1945, Jazz Archives

Smith, Stuff:  Sarah Vaughan, Stuff Smith Trio, 1945, Musicraft

Smith, Stuff: Dizzy Gillespie Sextet, 1951, Savoy

Smith, Stuff:  Stuff Smith Quartet, 1953, MCA

Smith, Stuff:  Stuff Smith & Ella Fitzgerald, 1956, Verve

Smith, Stuff:  Stuff Smith & Nat King Cole, 1956, Capitol

Smith, Stuff:  Nelson Riddle Orchestra, 1956, Capitol

Smith, Stuff:  Stuff Smith, Carl Perkins, 1957, Verve

Smith, Stuff:  Stuff Smith, Oscar Peterson, 1957, Verve

Smith, Stuff:  Stuff Smith, Dizzy Gillespie, 1957, Verve

Smith, Stuff:  J. A. T. P. Ella Fitzgerald & Stuff Smith Quintet, 1957, Verve

Smith, Stuff:  Stephané Grappelli, Stuff Smith, 1957, Pablo, Fantasy

Smith, Stuff:  Billy Daniels, Benny Payne Orchstra, 1957, Verve

Smith, Stuff:   Stuff Smith, Johnny Letman, 1959, 20th Century Fox

Smith, Stuff:   I gigantie del Jazz, 1957- 58, 1960, Curcio I

Smith, Stuff:  Stuff Smith Quartet, 1959, Verve

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Zappstringquartet: www.alllmusic.com


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